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Spanos and the forty Dragons

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"We always had dragons in Cyprus and they've never left us in peace. They always loved our land and our springs; they loved us so much that they would even bleed us dry. All of the Earth's powers-that-be trampled upon us. Whether from the Orient of the Occident, each and every one wanted the same thing: land and water. All they cared about was getting their own way, and let the locals starve and go thirsty. They themselves took from the very wealth of our land, sending our riches to their countries.


We're still waiting for the dragons to leave and see doves take to the skies, unafraid and happy ....  However, I have to say that I understand only too well that all of us are merely expressing our pain and our desire for freedom, and our hope for better days ..."






  • Χαμπής, Ο Σπανος τζι' οι σαράντα Δράτζιοι

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