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Sicily - a chain of Civilisation

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day 1 - mo Arrival in Palermo, meeting each other and dinner
Introduction to the programme
2 - tu mo Introduction, Palermo
  • Introduction to Chain and the course theme: a Chain of Civilisations
A kaleidoscope of influences
  • The markets of Palermo
  • Palazzo dei Normanni, Capella Palatina:
    Arab architecture and Byzantine mosaics
  • San Giovanni degli Eremiti
  • Departure for Monreale
3 - we mo/
Greeks, Etruscans, Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, Normans: from Elymians (Segesta - Troy connection?) to Garibaldi (Marsala - Mars-el Allah: God's harbour)
  • Visit Mozia by boat
  • Museo archeologico
  • Lunch in Marsala
  • Marsala - museum and archaeological area of Lilibeo
  • Castellammare - Arab-Norman Castle - La Memoria del Mediterraneo
  • Dinner
  • Back to Palermo
4 - th mo/
The Greek heritage
  • Departure for Segesta
  • Visit Parco archaeologico
  • Departure for Selinunte
  • Visiting Selinunte
  • Gibellina ruins
  • Palermo
5 - fr mo Sicilian society in film and literature
6 - sa mo Reflection and evaluation
  • I cento passi/a hundred feet (Film)
  • Reflection: 'Clashes or Chains of Civilisations'
  • Evaluation
  • Optional: visit to Cefalu
7 - su

ICT workshop - bringing course results into the magazine


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