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In Search of the Sunset - the Azores


day 1 - mo 

  • Arrival at Terceira, Angra do Heroismo.
  • Evening: Meeting and welcome dinner at O Chico - small traditional food restaurant.

2 - tu

  • Introduction to Chain and course theme
  • Visit to Monte Brasil
  • Visit to Biscoitos: from wild nature to human tamed land
  • Visit to Wine Museum

Lunch at Ti’Choa (Regional Restaurant - Traditional Azorean Gastronomy)

  • Visit to Gruta do Natal (volcanic cave - lava stream)
  • Visit to Algar do Carvão (vertical volcanic cave)
  • Visit to Furnas do Enxofre (sulphur fumaroles)
  • Back to Angra do Heroísmo through the centre of the Island.
    Volcanic landscape and traditional Azorean fields
  • Remaining afternoon preparation of performances on basis of the tile panels (historical scenes).
3 - we
  • Library/Bettencourt palace: tile panels with historical events and the map of J.H. van Linschoten (16th c.)
  • Visit to the city of Angra do Heroísmo comparing the map of Van Linschoten: castles, harbour, cathedral, main historical buildings and landmarks of how Portugal/Europe headed West on the Discoveries quest - objects as a reflection of the connections between the Azores and Portugal/Europe. Performance: historical scenes based on the tile panels (Angra's library) - by participants.25
Lunch: free lunch.
  • Visit to the São João Baptista fortress.
4 - th
  • Departure to the airport.
  • Flight to Horta (arrival at 13:00).
  • Free time for check in and lunch.
  • Meeting at Peter's.
  • Visit to Horta harbour: in search of your flag and paintings (on the quay) of compatriots.
  • Visit to Whale Factory Museum in Horta (Porto Pim).

Dinner: at Taberna do Porto Pim


5 - fr
  • Departure from hotel
  • Whale Watching boat tour - hoping to watch whales and dolphins in the open Atlantic Ocean.
  • Arrival to Pico (Lajes)

Lunch:Free lunch

  • Tour on Pico:
    • Whalers museum (Lages).
    • traditional distilleries and wine production site (Lajido).
    • the UNESCO classified vineyards.
  • Boat back to Horta
  • Free dinner
6 - sa
  • Visit to Capelinhos Volcano: having metaphorically started the course in an extinct volcano, the end is set near a dormant but still alive one
  • Climbing Capelinhos
  • Closing session - evaluation and certification (on the vulcano)
  • Return to Horta
  • visit to Peter Café Sport Scrimshaw Museum (whale-bone carving artpieces, traditionally done by sailors).

Evening: Farewell dinner at Peter Café Sport (an icon and imperative stop-by cafe-bar for the international sailor's fraternity) in the well-known international harbour of Horta City.

7 - su



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