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Cyprus - the forty Dragons



day 1 - mo

Arrival in Nicosia, meeting each other, introduction into the programme

2- tu

  • Introduction, South Nicosia
  • Introduction Chain
af Nicosia, a divided city
  • The old town of Nicosia and the Green Line - in a divided society both communities stick to their symbols
  • Visit to various monuments
  • Lunch in Matheus
  • Walk along the 'Green Line'
  • Visit Leventis Museum

3 - we

mo The north
  • Visit to the Municipality of Kyrenia- Southern Nicosia
  • Visit to Northern Nikosia: Arabahmet - Armenian Church - Centre - Selimiye Camii/Ayia Sofia - Mevlana Tekke - Samanbahce quarter (Islam social housing)
  • Hilarion Castle
  • Kyrenia (Girne)

4 - th

mo Icons
  • The birthplace of Aphrodite
  • Visit to the Hambis printmaking center, Platanistia: among many other aspects, Hambis' work reflects elements in Cyprus' heritage: Kalikandjari, Aphrodite's beach, the division.
  • Lunch at Hambis printmaking center
  • Workshop

5 - fr

  • Visit to workshop of Nina Iakovou - ceramic artist from Famagusta
  • Four ruins in Northern Cyprus: Enkomi/Alassia, Salamis, Famagusta, Varosha
  • Poems by Kyriakos Charalambides about the city
  • Meeting with Umit Inatci, visual artist and poet

6 - sa

  • Reflection and Evaluation
  • Meeting with Kyriakos Charalambides, poet
  • Visit to Leventis Gallery
  • Reflection: Icons of Identity - a comparative approach
  • Dinner and (Cypriot) music

7 - su



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