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Shakespeare in Europe

William Shakespeare's plays are 'chained' with many locations in Europe. In this course we will (1) experience a selection of plays via performing parts of them and (2) pay attention to the background and context of these plays. This way the plays will open a window to Shakespeare's own time and to the places/times in which he makes them take place.



The main methodological form will be drama/theatre. We will play part(s) of the plays, partly in our own (re)writing of texts. Embedded in this methodology we will pay attention to the following aspects:

  • How to organise/create a play/drama/theatre?
  • Drama as an educational tool: what happens in a group when they prepare a performance/perform (together)?
  • Drama as the best form of CLIL (content language integrated learning)


At the same time the course will offer video training, using tablets and mobile phones. Performances will be filmed by the not-performing participants.

  • In advance an on-line video course will be offered, using parts of the Vimeo video school.
  • Video editing training will offered, using Pinnacle and iMovie (optional)
  • For advanced editors: on-line instruction/support Final Cut pro X can be offered afterwards (optional)


In each course session a selection of plays will be made, based on (1) what is 'on stage' in the course period and (2) the preference of the participants. The current option are:

    • Julius Ceasar
    • Henry IV
    • A Midsummer Night's Dream
    • Hamlet
    • Macbeth
    • Othello
    • King Lear
    • Much Ado about Nothing
    • The Merchant of Venice
    • The Tempest

course location Shakespeare play location


Day-to-day programme (provisonal)

Day 1 Arrival, meeting each other, introduction to the programme


  • Drama workshop - plays, roles and tasks
  • Visit to Bodleian Libraries - 'The first folio'
  • Visit Ashmolean Museum from the perspective of the the chosen plays
  • First preparation performances


  • Visit to Warwick Castle - first rehearsal
  • Lunch in Stratford
  • Visit to Shakespeare's house
  • Performance preparation
  • Watching a play at the RSC (Royal Shakespeare Company)


  • 'Before and after' - Shakespeare's themes in other contexts,
    • 'West Side Story'
    • 'Ceasar must die', Taviani brothers
    • Akira Kurosava, RAN (King Lear)
  • Visit to Oxford Castle - performance tour
  • Preparing performances


  • Shakespeare's London: Southwark and London City.
  • Museum of London
  • The Globe - museum and theatre - Oresteia (?)


  • Performances
  • Bringing Shakespeare to life in the classroom (Synthesis and Chains)
  • Video editing workshop (optional)
7 Departure


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