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Las otras orillas (The other shores)  

One of the main themes in the chain programme is cultural interaction between Europe and other parts of the world. (European) culture can only be defined as the outcome of various influences, within Europe itself and between Europe and its neighbour countries/continents. Therefore various travelling courses are being held to study this cultural interaction. The Sevilla course fits into this theme: Las Otras Orillas. How is Europe being influenced by and how does Europe influence the 'other shores': Mediterranean and Atlantic? Sevilla is a central and symbolic location to concentrate on this issue.

Seas, like rivers, can be bastions or bridges. Is there a cultural entity north and south of Gibraltar strait? To embody the the course theme, part of the course will take place in Northern Africa in the perspective of cultural interaction with the south of Spain:

Europe and la otra orilla or Europe as la otra orilla.


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