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  • Friesland and the Mediterranean
    In this article I will describe the origin of the Frisian culture. I start with a short explanation of the relation and similarities between the Frisian and Mediterranean cultures.

  • Baltic sea meets Mediterranean sea

  • Italy: the Mediterranean and the Ocean

  • The Phoenicians:
    the Portuguese of the Mediterranean

    In Lixus we will visit an important Phoenician site

  • Ancel Keys and the Mediterranean Diet
    The real pioneer of modern nutrition research: Ancel Keys and the Mediterranean Diet.

  • Middle East in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea: Phoenician cities in Sardinia
    Brief history of ancient Sardinia and of Phoenician colonies.

  • Book
    The chain book consists of articles, produced by user groups. Completed articles appear in the (open) book. These articles can be found using the article search tool.

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