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  • Some Best Known Sicilians
    Vincenzo Bellini, Al Pacino, Salvatore Quasimodo, Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa, Empedocles, Archimedes, Gorgias, Giovanni Verga.

  • Sicily and Mafia
    What is the meaning of "mafia", importance of Sicily at "mafia history" and the famous mafia bosses.

  • Flavours of Sicily
    Reading a Sicilian menu is like reading a history book!

  • Greeks in Sicily
    Information about architecture.

  • The Normans in Sicily
    The Norman period in the 12th century were years with mixed cultural achievements.

  • Plato’ s visits to Sicily
    Plato, Philosophy, Republic, Sicily

  • Norway, Normandy and Sicily
    The first ruler of the Viking duchy of Normandy, Rollo, is known to be the Norwegian outlaw Gange-Rolf. The Normans conquered Sicily in 1060-90.

  • Arabic influences in Sicily

  • Phoenician influence in Sicily

  • The Norman Kingdom in Sicily
    The impact of the Normans on culture and architecture in Sicily.

  • Arabic influences in Sicily
    Jutta Geier and Cecilia A Lundwall.

  • Overview of the history of Sicily

  • The early History of Spain and Sicily

  • Place names in Sicily throughout the centuries
    Origin of place names in Sicily, changes throughout the centuries.

  • A Sicily descripton by Diodorus Siculus
    English translation of the Sicily descripton made by the Greek historian Diodorus Siculus.

  • Sylvias hälsning från Sicilien (Syvia's greetings from Sicily)
    "Sylvias hälsning från Sicilien", a poem of Zacharias Topelius, has taken a steady place in Finnish mentality.

  • Sicily and the greatest Dutch admiral and naval hero
    Michiel Adriaansz de Ruyter died in the Bay of Syracuse

  • The Greek speaking and Greco-Albanian villages of S.Italy (Calabria-Sicily)

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    The chain book consists of articles, produced by user groups. Completed articles appear in the (open) book. These articles can be found using the article search tool.

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