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  • Legend of Io - the reversed legend of Europe

  • Myths and Legends
    What about etiological myths and legends? Initial report on the development of this unit for the Comenius Cross Currents meeting in the autumn of 2001.

  • Legends from Germany

  • Polish Legends

  • Legends from Bukovina
    The Legend of Campulung Moldovenesc Town and the Legend of Lady’s Stones

  • Bukovina - the land of legends
    History of an ancient Austrian province

  • Iceland - Landscape and Legends

  • Legends, Myths and fairy-tales.
    We want you to tell us about old legends, myths, fairy-tales and old stories either used in ancient texts, paintings or just mouth-to-mouth stories found in your city or area around the city.

  • Understanding European Cultures through Myths and Legends
    Background to Book.

  • What is a legend?
    introduction and origin of the word legend.

  • The living legend
    Local Antiquity, History, Art

  • Legend of Medea
    Legend of Medea

  • The legend of the edelweiss
    It tells how the edelweiss was born (according to the Italian tradition).

  • A legend about the epiphany

  • The legend of William Tell
    a legend from Switzerland.

  • The Olt and the Mures legend
    A legend from Romania.

  • The legend of Scutari (Albania)
    A popular legend from Albania.

  • Kaunas: The Founding Legend
    Kaunas, legend

  • Legend about Raigardas Valley
    Lithuania, legend

  • The legend of the covered lady
    A legend from Ecuador.

  • The Netherlands: the Legend of St. Nicholas
    Dutch Legend of St. Nicholas.

  • The legend of a saint through the other coasts

  • Sea and literature: the legend of Nicola Pesce
    La leggenda di Cola Pesce.

  • Welcome to Krakow, a city wrapped in legend
    The dragon of Krakow and the floating of the wreaths (Wianki).

  • The legend of the Loreto Virgin of Trinitapoli
    It tells the story of the Byzantine fresco of the Virgin of loreto, now patron saint of Trinitapoli (Foggia, Apulia, Italy).

  • The white snake (a bonfire legend)
    A traditional bonfire legend of the Alps.

  • Capo d'Orlando between myth, legend and nature
    Short description of a Sicily corner

  • Book
    The chain book consists of articles, produced by user groups. Completed articles appear in the (open) book. These articles can be found using the article search tool.

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