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  • Fado Portuguese Soul

  • Fado, music of the world

  • Fado - the Portuguese melody
    "Fado" means Fate, destiny, and this type of music is said to best portray the Portuguese soul and its feelings of nostalgia and longing for something always expected and always too far to be reached.

  • The Lisbon Fado - a musical genre of sea and land
    The Lisbon Fado is a musical genre from the beginning of the 19th century with themes from daily life and the sea. It is said to be the music of the Portugese seafarers longing for their homes and families. With the passing of time the genre has changed into modern music, keeping its theme and sound. The Lisbon Fado remains the Soul of Portugal. Keywords: Lisbon, fado, modern fado, Amália Rodrigues

  • Gaivota (Seagull) - a poem from a Lisbon fado song

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