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  • Greeks in Sicily
    Information about architecture.

  • The Greeks on the Black Sea shores

  • The Greeks in Romania: Phanariotes

  • The Cultural Heritage of the Greeks on the West Coast of Asia Minor
    The history of the Greek populations, which lived on the east coast of the Aegean Sea for 3000 years.

  • Venice in Greece, ( GREECE)

  • Vikings, Greece

  • What we have in common during these two years? (Greece)

  • My host family in Greece
    by Fatmanur Kilic, Turkey

  • Sustainable Developement ( from GREECE)

  • Atatürk in Greece and Turkey
    During the Chain course ‘Tracing back Europe: From Thessalonica to Istanbul’ we followed the lifeline of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. This article focuses on the way Atatürks memory is honoured and valued in Greece and Turkey.

  • The reception of refugees in Greece
    Population exchanges after the Greek-Turkish War (1920-1922)

  • Minorities in Northern Greece
    The composition of the minorities.

  • Greece: a multicultural society
    The main aim of this article is to describe how linguistic and religious minority groups contribute in the formation of a multicultural enviroment in Greece.

  • The agrarian question in Greece
    The Agrarian Question in Greece - a conflict that nearly occurred

  • Art in the street of Tripoli, Greece

  • Our Visit To Greece - Olympia
    From the Turkish Group

  • Eating and drinking in Greece

  • MY TOWN, Tripoli, Greece

  • My visit to Greece from Kocaeli - Turkey
    by Gizem Kater, Turkey

  • My week in Greece ( Spanish pupil)

  • From Greece to humanity. G. Seferis' poem
    "Όπου και να ταξιδέψω η Ελλάδα με πληγώνει"

  • 6th meeting in Greece, Tripoli, 4th Lyceum

  • Our trip to Spain, Getafe - GREECE
    Comenius, Cuentame 2010-12

  • Tyresta national park, Greece

  • DAY OPEN DOOR, 4/3/2011, GREECE

  • Sweden Host family (Greece)

  • 6th MEETING, GREECE(11-17 MARCH 2012)

  • GAMLA STAN (OLD TOWN), by Greece

  • Saints Cyril and Methodius, GREECE

  • Trip to Lodi, 4-8 April 2011. (Greece)
    COMENIUS - CUENTAME, Our trip to Lodi, Italy (Greece)

  • Second Meeting: June 2004. Areopolis. Greece
    Lyceo Areopolis. Lakonia. area of Mani.

  • Our trip to Sturovo, Slovakia, 16-20 May 2011 (Greece)

  • My favorite landscape in Greece : Nafplio (from Turkey)
    Review of Nafplio from Turkey

  • First Project meeting in Getafe. Spain ( impressions from Greece)

  • Chios, Greece: the historic past still living in the present
    Chios: The historic past still living in the present

  • The impact of Aristotle’s work in the European world, GREECE
    Aristotle’s work

  • Interactive trip from Tripolis (Greece) to Kocaeli (Turkey)

  • Spanish theatre plays in Greece during the junta (1967-1974)

  • Anthropological and sociocultural aspects of ethno music: Greece, Lithuania, Turkey

  • Interactive walk from Tripolis to Madrid city center, gardens, museums ...(Greece)

  • Personal and interactive visit from Greece to Sturovo ( Bratislava, Castle Bělá, Anavum,Budapest,

  • Trip to Heaven. Trip to Greece. (from Spain)

  • Our school, 4th High School of Tripoli, Greece

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