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  • Turkish Religious Architecture

  • Orhan Pamuk, great Turkish writer
    Literature - Orhan Pamuk

  • Termoli - The Turkish invasion and the assult of the castle

  • The Ottoman (Turkish) conquest - 1570 - Famagusta
    The Ottoman period influences icons of identity in Cyprus.

  • The Kyklop Of Turkish Literature: Yaşar Kemal

  • MUSLIM-Turkish cultural heritage in Balkan Countries.
    Our historical imprints in Europe

  • Turkey

  • Adana, Turkey

  • Our trip to Turkey

  • A tale from Turkey

  • Samsun - Turkey
    Some views from Samsun- The pearl of the Black Sea/TURKEY

  • Atatürk in Greece and Turkey
    During the Chain course ‘Tracing back Europe: From Thessalonica to Istanbul’ we followed the lifeline of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. This article focuses on the way Atatürks memory is honoured and valued in Greece and Turkey.

  • Cartoon on "solidarity" from Turkey
    by Mert Kaan Ozcan, CEAL, Turkey

  • Kartepe: Turkey (from France)
    Mi paisaje favorito en Turquia

    Black Sea Cuisine in Europe-A Mosaic

  • Visit to Istanbul, Turkey ( from France)

  • Traditional Music and Folklore in Turkey
    Turkish Janissary (Mehter) Music Turkish Folk and regional folk music

  • Visit to Kartepe, Turkey (France)
    My favourite lansdcape of Turkey: Kartepe

  • Regional Sports in Samsun/Turkey
    oil wrestling,school football teams,table tennis and tennis

  • Our week in Sweden (Kocaeli. Turkey)

  • My visit to Greece from Kocaeli - Turkey
    by Gizem Kater, Turkey

  • Round 1, Chess Tournament @ CEAL, Turkey
    Fair Play

  • Bursa, the real taste of Turkey on my mind.
    Report: Koza Han: old center, fever of the silk market, people, bargaining and history of Bursa.

  • My favorite landscape in Greece : Nafplio (from Turkey)
    Review of Nafplio from Turkey

  • Interactive trip from Tripolis (Greece) to Kocaeli (Turkey)

  • Italian's Diary. Turkey - Izmit 13-19 November 2011

  • Presentation of our country, TURKEY (Short video version)

  • Presentation of our project during the general meeting of our province, Kocaeli, Turkey
    Public Awareness Campaign

  • Anthropological and sociocultural aspects of ethno music: Greece, Lithuania, Turkey

  • LOCAL DISSEMINATION. Cuéntame in Local Newspaper (Turkey)
    News Articles of our visits

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    The chain book consists of articles, produced by user groups. Completed articles appear in the (open) book. These articles can be found using the article search tool.

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