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  • Portugal, the Final Frontier?
    My cultural heritage in a «fading borders» Europe: are they really fading?

  • Portugal: the Paradise of Seafood

  • Portugal: Poetry and Literature
    Portuguese literature and the sea.

  • The secular architecture of the Portugal monuments
    A sightseeing of the Portugal monuments.

  • Seaweed Harvesting in Viana do Castelo, Portugal

  • From Portugal to Estonia – more than seagull flying waves?

  • Some cultural influences in Tomar and Portugal originating from the Egean region
    Three examples of the eastern influence in Tomar and Portugal.

  • Onde primeira feira? The hebrew/arabic way of naming the days of the week in Portugal
    It is astonishing that "Monday" is segunda-feira (the second market day) just like in Arabic (yawm al-ithnayn, meaning "second market day" as well). Counting market days is common and done in the same way in both languages. This way of counting and naming days is obviously a very clear heritage of Arabs in Portugal. Neither Romans nor other Roman languages in Portugal's neighborhood count days that way. Strangely enough Monday still used to be second market day, hinting at the fact, that under muslim and jewish rule Sunday used to be considered the first market day of the week and not the holy Day of the Lord ("Domingo" in Portuguese and Spanish) of the Christian church!

  • The Portuguese cuisine
    Bacalhau, fish, dishes, soup, dessert

  • Near to the Sea - Portuguese coastlines

  • The Portuguese Caravel
    Ships used to sail towards East.

  • The Portuguese Caravel

  • Hamburg's Portuguese quarter
    Hamburg, Neustadt, Ditmar-Koel-Straße, Karpfangerstraße, Portugal, Baumwall, Europe, City, Migration

  • Fado - the Portuguese melody
    "Fado" means Fate, destiny, and this type of music is said to best portray the Portuguese soul and its feelings of nostalgia and longing for something always expected and always too far to be reached.

  • The Phoenicians:
    the Portuguese of the Mediterranean

    In Lixus we will visit an important Phoenician site

  • Fado Portuguese Soul

  • Portuguese culture, a quiz.

  • Antonio Tabucchi: an Italian and Portuguese writer
    Tabucchi locates some of his novels in Lisbon and in front of the sea.

  • The glamour of the thousands of stairs in Lisbon - the sea in Portuguese art and literature.
    The reflections of maritime life in Portuguese art.

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