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  • The Gothic architectural elements in the Romanian architecture
    Symbiosis and artistic influences in medieval Transylvania

  • Architecture in Siena and around
    Walking in Siena and in the surrounding villages and seeing the beautiful architecture.

  • Architecture in Lowell
    One visible aspect of the arts that spans the past, present, and reaches to the future is architecture. The Tsongas Arena is one of Lowell's new building. It houses activities and events that help Lowell honor its past, recognize its present, and anticipate the future.

  • Architecture in Tuscany

  • Valencia's Gothic Architecture
    A bit of history and architecture from Valencia (Spain).

  • Lisbon and Sintra - architecture

  • Chania: civilizations go by in architecture
    The influence of different civilizations on the architecture of Chania.

  • Turkish Religious Architecture

  • The secular architecture of the Portugal monuments
    A sightseeing of the Portugal monuments.

  • Mimar Sinan and the rise and fall of Christian architecture

  • Architectural elements
    A short introduction of the main Hellenic and Islamic architectural elements.

  • The Manuelino architectural style

  • Glossary of religious and architectural words
    List of words used in the Cistercian articles (test).

  • Mimar Sinan - the Architect
    All over the former Ottoman Empire – in the European as well as the Asian and African part – traces of this great architect can be found.

  • Mimar Sinan - The Ottoman architect
    Mimar Sinan -The Ottoman architect.

  • E. André - French landscape architect
    The Lithuanian parks

  • Book
    The chain book consists of articles, produced by user groups. Completed articles appear in the (open) book. These articles can be found using the article search tool.

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