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  • Visiting Thessalonica (second day - 14/4)
    Layers of history in the city of Thessalonica.

  • Thessaloniki
    Part of the Thessaloniki programme.

  • The second day: Thessaloniki
    A photograhic impression.

  • Thessaloniki
    A song written by G. Heliopoulos and composed by G. Zampetas (in English).

  • Byzantine Thessaloniki

  • Roman Thessaloniki
    Thessaloniki was an important Roman city. In the city centre the ancient forum and theater are being excavated.

  • The Jewish Community of Thessaloniki
    The Jewish Community of Thessaloniki

  • St. Paul, letters to Thessaloniki
    Translation from The Bible.

  • Thessaloniki: Neighbouring Gods

  • The Roman Forum of Thessaloniki
    A study of the students of the 15th Secondary School of Thessaloniki, in the framework of the Comenius Project 'ROMAN SITES'.

  • Jewish Connections in Thessaloniki
    During a long period Thessaloniki was the most important Jewish city in Europe.

  • The Stoa of "Images" of Thessaloniki

  • Inge's Thessaloniki diary

  • Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki
    During a number of centuries Thessaloniki was for more than half of its population a Jewish city. The Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki shows the rich and tragic history of this population.

  • The church of the Holy Apostles in Thessaloniki
    A Byzantine church in Thessaloniki.

  • The Crypt of Saint John Baptist in Thessaloniki
    The underground Thessaloniki

  • City, populations and Communities: The Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki
    The visit to the Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki and a route over the History of a Community and the city.

  • Thessaloniki, a multicultural metropolis, in the first decades of the 20th century
    Thessaloniki, a multicultural metropolis, in the first decades of the 20th century

  • La otra orilla: Thessaloniki – the Spain of the Balkan Mountains

  • Traces of “the other shore” in Thessaloniki: Ottoman buildings

  • Tracing back Europe - Thessaloniki to Istanbul (provisional programme)

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    The chain book consists of articles, produced by user groups. Completed articles appear in the (open) book. These articles can be found using the article search tool.

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