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Keyword(s): Cyprus

  • Cyprus and the sea

  • Cyprus
    Landscape of Cyprus

  • Religion in Cyprus
    The Orthodox religion is the main religion on Cyprus. But also other religions are present. For instance there are Catholics and Maronites but the biggest minority is the Muslims.

  • Education in Cyprus
    New education projects

  • Cyprus, quo vadis?
    Impressions of our visit to southern and northern Nicosia.

  • Cyprus - the forty Dragons

  • Historical view of water in Cyprus
    This article gives a little story of the water systems used in Cyprus from the old ancient times.

  • The self-building process of a community identity (Cyprus)
    Searching for an identity as a nation requires symbols/icons of identity often based on antagonism. Cyprus both communities (Greek and Turkish) struggle to build a place they can call their own in a process that has brought them to division and hatred.

  • Book
    The chain book consists of articles, produced by user groups. Completed articles appear in the (open) book. These articles can be found using the article search tool.

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