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  • Picture 5 - Spain

  • Picture 4 - Spain

  • Picture 3 - Spain

  • Picture 6 - Spain

  • A poem about Spain
    A poem by Blas de Otero was translated into all languages present during the course.

  • The Visigoths in Spain
    A brief introduction about the Visigothic civilisation in Spain and some images.

  • New technogies in our lifes (Spain)
    This article tries to show how the new technoligies make our daily life easier.

  • Tyresö Slott (Spain)
    4 meeting: Tyresö Palace. Sweden

  • VASA' S MUSEUM (Spain)

  • Jeronimo from Spain in our kindergarten

  • Wine Heritage in Spain
    Origins, warehouses, landscape and art of the vine and wine in Spain.

  • Tracing our tracks - Spain to the UK
    Interview with Spaniard living and working in the UK

  • The king of Spain I have always honoured

  • Spain and the New World: the other side
    Although it may look like colonisation of the America’s brought Spain only wealth and glory, the expansion to the other side of the Atlantic also had a different, more negative side.

  • Jews in Spain during the Second World War
    The massive entrance of Hebrew sefarditas in Spain takes place, some of them coming from Germany.

  • Croatia and Spain - analogies, similarities

  • The Riksdag (Swedish Parliament). Spain

  • Our diary in Spain (Italian students)
    Our diary in Spain

  • My Favorite Landscape. INSIDE ME (Spain)

  • Greek vocabulary with pronunciation (Spain)

  • The early History of Spain and Sicily

  • Our trip to Spain, Getafe - GREECE
    Comenius, Cuentame 2010-12

  • The tradition of Nativities in Spain at Christmas

  • A Phoenician griffin from Carmona (Spain).

  • Comparing customs and traditions UK / Spain

  • Trip diary / Diario de viaje (Spain)

  • What is the historical link between the place where I live and Spain ?
    When Free County was Spanish

  • Planning for First Working Meeting in Aranjuez, Spain

  • Open door day (Spain)/ Día de puertas abiertas

  • Moorish heritage in the cuisine of southern Spain
    Cuisine, Interaction, Colours, Tastes

  • The Greek esculptures of the Prado Museum (Spain )
    The Greek esculptures of the Prado Museum: Dionysus, Zeus, Aphrodite and Dionysus

  • Through our eyes – The Slovak student’s Diary in Spain (Slovakia)

  • First Project meeting in Getafe. Spain ( impressions from Greece)

  • La otra orilla: Thessaloniki – the Spain of the Balkan Mountains

  • Razones para amar. Ensayo de Elena Sánchez from Spain

  • Villa romana de la Olmeda. Pedrosa de la Vega. Palencia. Spain
    The roman villa of Olmeda is one of the most important roman villae in Spain. There is a mosaic which represent Achilles

  • Samsun atatürk anadolu lisesi first mobility to Spain-Aranjuez(ALPAJES)

  • Torneo de ajedrez en España / Chess Tournement in Spain / Tournoi D' Echecs en Espagne

  • Trip to Heaven. Trip to Greece. (from Spain)

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