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  • The Monastery of Kykkos:
    three icons of Greek-Cypriot identity

    As far as the icons of identity are concerned the Monastery of Kykkos is one of most important icon of the Cypriots nationalism. Three icons of identity (the Throne of Holy Icon, the Tomb of Makarios and the Greek flag ) are expressions of the mixture of politics and religion.

  • Greek cuisine

  • The sea in Greek poetry
    Greek poetry, from the ancient times until today, refers to the sea.

  • A Greek tragedy and FN
    The Norwegian hero, Fridtjof Nansen, worked as a commission agent for The League of Nations in the little Asia.

  • Greek underwater archeology
    A trip to some of Greek seabed’s treasures and mysteries

  • Segesta – Greek testimony

  • The sea in Modern Greek Painting
    A journey through the collections of National Gallery of Greece

  • Greek Easter Customs
    Christian Easter in Greece.

  • Greek songs about Istanbul

  • Greek immigrants to Germany
    In this article some information about the Greek emigrants to Germany are been presented. The reason that they left Greece, the difficulties they met in the foreign country and the current situation are the main subjects of the article. Education matters are presented with some details.

  • The Greek communities of Egypt

  • Ateneum- Two Greek poems
    At the final meeting in “Ateneum”.

  • The Greek community in Trieste
    migration, trade, culture, paroikia

  • Greek landscape, natural and human
    The influence of the landscape on the architecture.

  • A Greek version: Moschos of Syracusa
    In the 2d c. BC Moschos of Syracusa wrote his epic poem Europa.

  • Greek vocabulary with pronunciation (Spain)

  • Karpathos, a beautiful Greek island
    Presentation of the place where I live.

  • Greek Apokries (Karnavali) and Fanoi
    Icons of Greek Carnival and an old folk custom.

  • Romanian/Greek Orthodox Byzantine Chants

  • Nikos Kavvadias, the Greek poet, the sea lover
    Nikos Kavvadias (1910-1975) is a representative of a poetry of introverted exoticism, which projects the agony and spectres of a permanently restless and wakeful conscience onto alien and often mysterious seascapes. He was in every sense a poet of the sea.

  • The splendour of the Ancient Greek past in Selinunte

  • Abdera: an ancient Greek city of Thrace by the sea

  • Greek students tell about the host families in Lodi

  • The Greek esculptures of the Prado Museum (Spain )
    The Greek esculptures of the Prado Museum: Dionysus, Zeus, Aphrodite and Dionysus

  • Our Project on Greek TV/ Nuestro proyecto en la TV Griega

  • MY HOST FAMILY IN KOCAELI ( 5º. meeting) Greek students

  • Greek islands Paros and Antiparos under Venetian rule

  • The Greek speaking and Greco-Albanian villages of S.Italy (Calabria-Sicily)

  • The influence of ancient Greek and Arabic culture to Europe through the Iberian Peninsula

  • Rembetika music: the oriental roots of Greek underground music

  • Greek History: a history of migration
    Greece history migration

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