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  • Italian Currency / Unité monétaire italienne
    a short text about our currency that is and will remain in use only for another couple of months./ petit texte sur notre unité monétaire qui va bientôt disparaître.

  • Viaje a Italia
    Por fin ... de Ocaña a Montesarchio.

  • Nuestra clase IV D en Montesartchio - Italia
    Nos presentamos.

  • DIARIO Suecia - Tyresö (Italia)
    nuestro diario

  • Nuestro viaje a Štúrovo (Lodi - Italia)

  • Perfil del Instituto "A. Bassi" Lodi Italia
    Nuestro "cole"

  • Rastreamos nuestras huellas históricas en Europa: Galileo Galilei (ITALIA)

  • Italian authors II

  • The Italian hymn
    Some backgrounds for the national anthem of Italy.

  • Italian authors
    Interesting writers to know more about Italy nowadays.

  • Sea poetry: Italian poets
    Three italian poems on the sea.

  • Italian school year
    Our school year and holidays

  • Our diary in Spain (Italian students)
    Our diary in Spain

  • Istanbul´u dinliyorum in English and Italian
    The splendid translation of the poem into English by Talat Sait Halman, 1982 is, in my opinion, too explicative and smoothed down some harshness in the verses. I try to translate the poem again, keeping the atmosphere as close to the original as possible.

  • An Italian Queen in the north-east of Europe

  • Antonio Tabucchi: an Italian and Portuguese writer
    Tabucchi locates some of his novels in Lisbon and in front of the sea.

  • Italian's Diary. Turkey - Izmit 13-19 November 2011

  • Alumnos acogidos / Students received impressions (Italian Pupils)
    Primer Encuentro ... First Meeting ...

  • Montesarchio - Italy
    Some details about our town.

  • Volleyball in Italy

  • Interests in Italy (Slovakia)

  • Italy: the Mediterranean and the Ocean

  • Tuscia province - Viterbo (Italy)

  • Week in Lodi, Italy (Slovakia)

  • Introducing class 4h Galilei Institute Italy
    Exchange visit to Holland.

  • Colonies in southern Italy, Magna Grecia

  • Arriving from northern Europe to Italy: first step Piedmont

  • The eternal beauty: St. Secondo Church, Cortazzone (Italy)

  • Italy: Country of saints and of navigators (popular motto)
    Saint Ciriaco cathedral in Ancona, Judas Ciriaco, bishop, Piero della Francesca

  • Bergen, a meeting place between youngsters from Norway and Italy

  • Samsun atatürk anadolu lisesi second mobility to Monteserqio/BN/ITALY
    mobility photos with euorpe-a mosaic project teams

  • The Greek speaking and Greco-Albanian villages of S.Italy (Calabria-Sicily)

  • Book
    The chain book consists of articles, produced by user groups. Completed articles appear in the (open) book. These articles can be found using the article search tool.

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